Real Estate Agent nºAPI-343 and nº AICAT: 2388


With the trust and support of the Official College of Real Estate Agents of Tarragona.

What is an API?

The API's are real estate agents, qualified professionals and recognized by the Administration, offering the maximum guarantees so that any operation in the real estate market can be carried out successfully. The professional performance of an API is subject to control by its Official College, which provides transparency and security for users.

The intervention of an API is a guarantee of professionalism and security in your real estate operation. His impartiality, together with his professionalism and preparation, will guarantee the success of your real estate operation.

The API's offer you great advantages over other real estate intermediaries. We are professionals with real estate qualifications that allow us to exercise our function in an optimal and professional way.

Valuations and professional certificates

As APIs we can carry out professional Real Estate valuations of both residential properties and rustic properties, necessary for different types of operations.

API Real Estate Agents will help you find out the real market price of your property, based on our internal market evolution statistics. Our high professionalism and preparation is your best guarantee.

We can also issue different types of certificates necessary in real estate brokerage, for example Energy Certificates.

An API is your best ally

We can help you in your relationship with other companies in the sector in your real estate operation such as: developers, builders, banks, official bodies, etc. Our profession is mediation.

We get the parties to reach an agreement with a higher probability of success than when individuals try without our intervention.

Advantages of working with an API

An api offers professionalism in all real estate operations.

An API watches over the interests and rights of consumers and puts all knowledge about the market and legislation at the service of its users, mediating for the interests of both parties.

An api guarantees the transparency of real estate appraisals and contributes its experience and preparation in the real valuation of the property.

An api acts with discretion, loyalty and effectiveness in all operations.

An api masters trading techniques.